Saturday, January 15, 2011

My first ride since January 3rd and I go out and do a time trial in the snow! A little stupid maybe but I had a lot of fun. The woods were gorgeous in the snow — I had a blast seeing old friends and sliding through corners getting rad on Patrick the Paragon. My legs actually felt okay, but some of that was the numbness of the embrocation. Philip Hurst and Full Service Racing is putting on a killer winter series. I hope the weather cooperates and the trails stay in excellent condition. It's nice to see Harbin getting a lot of action — it's a cool trail and the second half of the loop is really killer, even though I was trying to ride conservative I really suffered!

At the end I had a sweet duel to the death with Matthew Stierwalt — and I bit it in a snow drift and he won the sprint/bike run! Epic crowd pleaser!

Rad photo by Nick Dunn.

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