Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I haven't hit a weight room since I was a 117lb High School Freshman Football player, but it was becoming apparent that some of my cycling weaknesses were due to lack of strength (for instance, I cannot bunny-hop a caterpillar). Here are some observations from my first few workouts in the gym:

– I am VERY weak. Any motion not related to pedaling and eating is foreign to my body.
– Open the locker room door and confronted by the first completely nude middle aged man I have seen in years. I had to hide my shock, then it occurred to me that this is not only how God made us but IT'S A LOCKER ROOM!.
– Man, this place is great for people watching. Maybe I'm the weird guy with the staring problem.
– Anyone joining a gym in January is treated like a leper by the regulars.
Girl Talk, the "DJ," has ruined pop music for me forever. His ADD mash-ups have left me confused whenever I hear the full-length originals.

I've been really happy with Revolutions, it's a really cool place with a lot of great classes.

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