Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seeing my sister in Chicago. It was a nice riding along the lake shore. My legs felt great, I was really flying but I had to slow often because there were several running events happening along the Lake Front Trail. This girl was about the same speed as me, so we rode together for awhile. I love that about cycling, I can travel along and meet a complete stranger and pass the time having a chat. She was pretty fast — she was keeping up with me despite flat pedals and a vintage steel frame with wide tires. We rode down to Soldier Field when my rear tire exploded, I think I rolled over some glass.

Then I rode back up through the city, Dearborn to Clark. I was motorpacing in traffic and having a great time hauling ass getting some race fitness when I hit a mean pothole and flatted a second time. Conveniently it was close to a Swedish bakery where I refueled and met some other cyclists who directed me to Johnny Sprockets. The other cyclists were really nice guys and offered a ton of route suggestions.

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