Thursday, June 30, 2011

Riding like a King

It's not everyday that a boy from Ohio gets to ride up the side of a mountain and touch the clouds. The King's-Castle trail was also nearby to our vacation home. It's a 7 mile trail where you meander up the side of the mountain, check out the view from the top and fly back down all within a beautiful old-growth forest!

Checking out the view just of another mountain. Little did we know we were just below the cloud line ourselves. I wish we rode on a clear day — I read there are views of the 3 Sisters (mountains) from the top.

Bjet taking a Senior Picture style portrait on our way up. She had a tough day, she forgot her mountain bike shoes and was stuck with the platform pedals on the rental Nishiki. I was lucky and had a blast climbing up the mountain. I was daydreaming that if I lived there I would timetrial to the top and down all the time!

Unfortunately we had to wake up early and ride before we returned the bikes. We did not get up early enough and were forced to turn around on a fire road before the summit. I hate not reaching the summit, but the early birds get the worm and get to munch it down on top a mountain like a beaked version of Julie Andrews... Follow?

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