Friday, July 8, 2011

Races #77-79, Races of Good Dirt and Truth

Mark Rodgers created a new event this year, a fun little lap highlighting the new trails at England-Idlewild. A short little race but a great burst of effort to get us ready for the racing season.

6/9 Post-Mohican Legs
Lap 1: 7:51
Lap 2: 7:54
Lap 3: 7:50
0:23:35, 10 out of 22

Little Bjet was my Domestique. She set a really good pace and I gapped her at the end of the race, but we ended up finishing with the same time, both of us tied for 10th place!

6/16 Legs Well-Rested
Lap 1 7:30
Lap 2: 7:37
Lap 3: 7:36
0:22:43, 4 out of 20

It rained a few days before, I was worried it would be cancelled. But the sun was shining, I was riding on the flowy dirt with the sun shining through the trees, we had Kona the dog hanging with us. Good trails, friends and dogs. What a day! I did my best to really gun it and I came in 4th. The fast guys like Brent, Marty and Darrin were really flying — my heroes!

I have some old BioWheels jerseys and I like to pull them out from time to time, kind of like football teams play 1 game a season with a retro kit.

7/7 Vacation Legs
Lap 1 7:18
Lap 2: 7:42
Lap 3: 7:39
0:22:39, 7 out of 22

I don't know if it was the cooler weather in Oregon, or if I drank too much beer and didn't ride enough, but I felt like molasses on 2 wheels all week long. Surprisingly enough, my 1st lap was way faster than before. I thought it would be funny to wear a skinsuit, maybe it really helped! Unfortunately this one rider would not get off the trail on my second lap and I had to come to a halt and ride real slow for about 20 seconds at least. Oh well, it's a training race!

Overall I really improved week to week. In all honesty I am not the best bike handler and even found this course challenging at speed. The course really helped me work on some of these skills and I want to thank Mark for setting up a really cool event!

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