Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tour de Trails

Some baseballs fans try to visit every baseball park in their lifetime. I thought it might be fun to see all the local trails this year.

Tower Park, Haven't ridden since the race in 2009!
General Butler, Check!
England-Idlewild, Check! I like this park I usually hit these trails a lot.
Devou Trails, I hit'em last night. Great hill repeats and fun downhills!

Paint Creek, Never been there!
Mount Mitchell, Never been there!
Keehner Park, Never been there!
Huffman MetroPark, Never been there!
Hueston Woods, Raced there last weekend, didn't hit all the trails.
Landon-Deerfield, Haven't been there since December of 2009.
Caesar Creek, Not yet this year but racing there soon.
John Bryan, Not yet this year but racing there soon.
East Fork, My home court.

Versailles, Check! This was often dry when Cincy trails were wet this spring. Great Trails!
Brown County, Not yet this year. Hopefully Bloomington CX weekend...

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