Friday, July 22, 2011

Weird Sensations in my Legs

The weirdest thing has been happening lately (kind of since I got back from Oregon). I've been feeling pretty slow but somehow my efforts have been fooling the clock and I have been putting in decent times in time trials, races, etc. I rode a 7:18 at the EITT.

Last week I did a quick power test — just one climb up Kuglar. My average watts were higher and my quick accelerations were stronger (I need to double check all the numbers though).

I've been hitting the Devou trail for some fun "hill repeats" the past couple of weeks. Mott Sauce and I did one climb at effort, and I put in a 12:22 time. Last year during Irey's Super D-light I had an 11:38 in the uphill TT. My time wasn't so bad today despite a sloppy crash when I was throwing my bike around trying to climb like a rabid dog.

I better keep an eye on the calendar, CX season is just around the corner. Maybe some fun weeknight CX training here and there. I wouldn't mind another attempt at my personal hour record again soon, I'm gunning to beat the Henri Degrange record of 21.94 miles in one hour.

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