Friday, November 11, 2011

Race #110: Fan Love

It was the UCI Cincy3 weekend and all the big guns were in town. Thursday night I went to the Jpow and Chris Mayhew clinic. It was a nice refresher, I really need to work on my technique. So at one point we were practicing starts (my weakness) and I ended up having 1 good one -- I look over and I just a bike length behind Jpow. That was sweeeet, but it didn't last long.

So Saturday I was setting up and a couple started pre-riding the course. We started talking and exchanged names, she was Teresa and when I mentioned my name was James she asked if I were Jimmy Roadrash. I had to laugh, I started this nerdy blog as on online diary of my cycling adventures, something to print out and pull out to bore my children some day. I am always honored when people say they read it, I hope they are entertained. So I got to make a cycling friend and I got to root for her the next day.

The next day Matt's son Lucas asked for an autograph. I told him I wasn't a pro and I actually live just down the street. I was honored he still wanted my autograph, it was the first time someone wanted it! I got to sign Jimmy Roadrash next to all my heroes

I was so tired, I thought my race would go poorly. A few nights of sleep deprivation, tons of work stress, and a bunch of physical labor meant I was pretty tapped out! I had a killer headache and I just wanted to take a nap. I decided to race, but to miss the call-up and jump in the back row. I was dead last coming through in the start. But after a half lap I finally felt good again and started riding well. The course was really fun, very muddy and the grass was like a wet carpet. It was awesome to see a pro like Georgia Gould cheering for us! I felt pretty good, took killer lines and ended up 17th. I am very happy with that compared to last year.

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