Monday, November 7, 2011

Upgrade me please!

I'm praying to Saint Christopher, La Madonna del Ghisallo, Eddie Merckx, Lance Armstrong, Superman and anyone who will listen to have USA cycling please approve my upgrade to a Cat 2. Third time is a charm?

I would like to upgrade my cyclocross license to a Category 2, a conversion based upon my Category 1 XC Mountain Bike license.

I have been racing Elite Cyclocross for the past 2 years with consistent finishes beating many other category 2 riders:
Ohio State Cyclocross Championship Day 1 MEN 35-39 10/22/2011 1 347.49
Lionheart CX Men A 9/10/2011 3 348.87
Ohio State Cyclocross Championship Day 2 Men 1/2/3 10/23/2011 10 317.01
John Bryan Cyclocross Classic Cat 1/2 10/2/2011 16 253.65
Cincy3 Harbin Park Cat 2/3 11/6/2011 17 271.00

I am one of the top ranked Cat 3's in Ohio and I would love to continue my career as a Cat 2.

Thank You,

I hope this works. I know some of the wording sounds "douchy" but I'm trying to sell myself. If I get this, I plan to get my UCI license, race in the Masters CX World Championships and train my little bottom off to race against the Pros in the USGPs and the UCI weekend. If I don't get this, I'll ask for a downgrade to Cat 4 and just sandbag until I win enough socks that I can retire.


  1. I'm freaking losing sleep over this. Second straight night I am up late trying to carefully craft words (without saying "just F!^&%&^ give it to me"). I got denied a third time, but I am immediately trying again sticking only to the MTB Cat 1 conversion rule...

  2. Who does the approval/disapproval in Ohio?