Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hit the Ground...Running

So I've dusted myself off from the Masters Worlds. My "rut rash" and stake wounds have nearly healed. It's time to start anew and dream about a new year with new goals.

So I got sick of people knowing that I run, then asking me if I was running the Pig. I always say that I use the Heart Mini for early season fitness, then I just go out and ride a bike because that's fun. But after seeing the Pig last year and watching the Boston, New York, London, and Stockholm marathons on TV I got all siked to try one out.

So I've been running for the past month, taking the typical 5k's I run during Cross season and slowly ramping them up. I've been doing a lot of trail running because I feel it makes your legs stronger due to muscle confusion, and the impact on trails is softer on your joints.

I have big goals, let's see if I can achieve them!

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