Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Race #119: Soul Ride!

Another year, another attempt at a dominating cx-style team time trial! The Sub9 (productions) Death March is the most brilliant idea for an early season event. The Hoosier countryside is dotted with the final resting place for many farming families, some of which haven't been used for decades. The Death March challenges teams of two to connect these cemeteries (that act as checkpoints — some mandatory, some act as time bonuses) via the quickest/shortest route they can plot using gravel roads, trails and road.

This year the wheels came off the TT early. Nate and I were on the front. The team had just come together after a hectic start. I heard muffled yelling but I thought the team was excited we were together. A moment later Nate informed me of a gap so we soft-pedaled. But no one came across and no one closed the gap. After the first cemetery and some of the out-and-back, without a sign of our team, we decided to press on.

For the second straight year the weather has been absolutely wonderful. A little cold at the start, but it warmed up and it was completely sunny. The weather combined with the great company, a relaxed sportive atmosphere, and a beautiful countryside makes this race a must.

It was an absolutely wonderful ride. Nate and I did our best, sometimes hammering it and sometimes just enjoying the scenery on the hike-a-bikes. So carefree! I was so happy to be alive, I was thankful to be alive and wondered about those people buried in the cemeteries. What were some happy moments they experienced in that beautiful part of the country?

My only wish is that I could have spent more time with my teammates — I really loved riding with you guys last year!

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