Thursday, March 8, 2012

Roadrash's 2012 Racing Schedule leaked to VeloNews

Okay, no one at VeloNews cares what I am planning... But I can't wait to see you peeps out there!

In 2012 I plan to focus a bit more on quality, not quantity. There were so many weekends where I feel I didn't get to ride because my Saturday ride was short so I wouldn't kill my legs for the Sunday race. So I've decided not to focus on racing and placing in the CORA series this year.

Running Races:
TOPO Caesar Creek Trail Run
Heart Mini Half Marathon
Flying Pig Full Marathon

Cycling Epics:
Sub 9 Death March
Mohican 100 miler
12 Hours of Capitol View
6 Hours of John Bryan
(No DINO this year, helping out with CX)
Frankenbike 50

1-2 Ault Worlds
Madiera Centennial Crit
The Blast?
1-2 Mainstraße Crits
(killer CX prep)

East Fork
(Good power courses, great CX prep)

I am going to cut back on these this year, spending an evening in gridlock traffic just to race for 30-60 minutes sucks when you do it every week.

I got my big boy's license this year. Hopefully I stay healthy and get stronger.
USGP Wisconsin
USGP Boulder? (We have fam out there, that would be awesome)
USGP Derby City
Focusing on the local Cincy OVCX races, upgrading to Cat 1/2 Open again.

I want to get Bjet ready for Nationals next year!

I am hoping this schedule is a bit more chill, I did 46 races last year including the week night TTs. Like I said, a lot of time in cars and "saving my legs" kind of took some of the fun out of cycling.

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