Monday, July 2, 2012

Any Aero Time Trial Tips?

So I did something kind of silly. I signed up for the Ohio State Time Trial Championships in Cleves on Saturday. I wanted to try something new to spice things up, and being on the rivet for 45-55 minutes will be great training for cyclocross.

So... right now my aero road set up is my freshly tuned-up 1999 Steel Jamis Quest. And a skinsuit...

I think I can scrounge together some shoe covers and a fabric helmet cover... I don't want to go overboard but if anyone has any easy suggestions I will take them!

I have Bridget's old Madone. I need to get this thing built up. In reality I want to build it up, throw on some clip-on handlebars and have an aero helmet but I should save my money for my new cyclocross bike.

These were tips I received on Facebook:

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