Sunday, July 1, 2012

Build Up and on Target?

Here is my build up for this year compared to last year. I'm about at the same place although I feel lke the quality and intensity of my training for cycling was better in 2011. The marathon has taken a bit out of my legs and I don't feel I have the snap and attack I had last year. Well, better start hitting it for Cross!

So check out June. I tapered for Mohican so I would be nice and fresh. Then 100 miles. Recover for Capitol View. Then 112 miles on the dirt. I took a week off then unwisely rode 157 miles with Bjets and the teammates to Louisville! Ouch. My legs are angry with me!

Tentative Training Plan for the next month. Need to work on my muscles, and getting some of the intensity built up for fast starts and short, steep hills. I have to make sure I don't embarrass myself in the Pro UCI cross races!

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