Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big training block

I decided to crush a big block of training since I had an opening in my schedule. I know I have training 25 hours in a week before, but whoa 30! I trained 10 days straight with a total of 38 hours and 441 miles. Some of the training was weight training and yoga in improve strength and flexibility for cross season. I got some runs in too. I wanted to get some long rides in before longer races like the 6 Hours of John Bryan and Frankenbike too. I guess I wanted to establish a mid-summer base mile training camp in a way.

This is kind of nerdy but I got inspired by The Tour and I did back-to-back climbing centuries!

Well, taking a couple of days off to recover for races on both Saturday and Sunday. My third weekend in a row of double race days. Gotta get ready for the USGPs!

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