Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The goes my Bike Part $

I had to get a root canal yesterday, so after a 2 hour & $980 prochedure I'm broke. (I still need a permanent bridge costing another $500-1,000 - awesome!) The root canal itself was not painful at all, but after a few hours the pain set in. I was good to get out on my MTB last night. I was having so much fun riding I forgot all about my aching tooth. My Superfly is exceeding all of my expectations. Light, rolls fast, corners like a dream, all it needs is a faster pilot (and perhaps a tubeless set-up).

Today we are getting more rain in Cincy...uggh! It has been a nasty & wet winter followed by more of the same in spring. I'm hoping to do a OMBC race at the Wilds this weekend...I hope the weather holds out.

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