Friday, May 30, 2008

Farther and Higher

While Bridget competed in the Mohican 100 I decided to do a little tourism by bike. I ate breakfast after the start of the race on the Main Street of Loudinville, Ohio. There was a cute little deli where I had a rather large breakfast that I planned to work off that day. A local guy told me about a cool bike store in Wooster so I decided to set out on an adventure.

I visited the store in Wooster and they made some really cool bikes all on site at Groovy Cycle Works. I really liked a single speed they had with leather handlebar wraps and seat. Wooster is a pretty cute and slightly yuppy country city. It had a very beautiful late 1800s downtown.

I grabbed a scone and some coffee and headed off to Shreve for my first venture into Amish cuisine. I forgot to mention the beautiful rolling country side which I would enjoy while slowly climbing hill after hill. Seriously. Like 300 feet of climbing, then some more, then some more... So I sat down to a lovely lunch of some trail bologna at "Des Dutch EssenHaus". It was really delicious and very filling, so I set out to finish my ride and catch Bridget at the end of her race.

So even more hills! Some even bigger than before. I guess I missed a turn and ended up riding down to Nashville. But all roads lead to Rome and fortunately I made it back to Loudinville. I tacked on even more miles riding back and forth trying to find the race shuttle and unfortunately got a little sunburnt in the process!

I can't believe I rode 56 miles and probably climbed 3000 feet or more!

Check out my ride

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