Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goettawurst, MaiFest and Franziskaner

I turned an annoying day of working overtime on a beautiful Sunday into real fun as I took a late lunch at Covington's Mainstraße MaiFest. I had a couple Goetta (a local delicacy) made into sausages. They were really deliscous, and the vendor was called the KaiserTeller or King's plate.

So I took off and rode 30 miles of rolling hills along the Ohio River checking out the little farms and the views. The wind was crazy on the way out, with gusts knocking me nearly off my bike. But on the way back I felt like I had wings!

So my return into Covington I revisited MaiFest where I had a Bratwurst with a Franziskaner wheat beer from Munich. Great recovery food!

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