Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Morning Dove

My accident-free streak came to a halt today when I came upon a Morning Dove resting upon a local bike trail.I swung wide as to not hit the little bird but it launched into the air as I rode past. It flew in unison with me — elegantly hanging in the air as if in slow-motion. I was struck by the pure beauty of flight as the Morning Dove came to rest upon a limb. I looked forward to find I was heading off the trail! I thought I would just come to a stop as to not wipe out on the drop off from the shoulder. But I came upon a ditch behind some weeds and went barreling over the handle bars!

I hopped to my feet, my pride more injured than my body. Fortunately I had a tool on me and I need to straighten my handlebars and my right shifter.

I felt pretty good after the rush of adrenaline so I went on to climb up Kuglar Mill in 8:15. As I descended back to the trail I saw Bridget and we went on to ride around Indian Hill climbing another 2400 ft on other climbs.

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