Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Additional Century Ride Training tips

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1-1.5 hour ride with hills
Wednesday: Rest or 1-hour easy recovery ride
Thursday: 1-1.5 hours with interval training
Friday: Rest or 30-minute easy recovery ride
Saturday: 1-2 hour ride with 30 minutes of hard effort
Sunday: 1-2 hour ride at steady pace (65% MHR)

More Training Tips
Gradually increase your milage as you get closer to the century, increasing no more than 10% at a time.
Plan a 50- or 60-mile ride at least two weeks before the century
Taper your mileage a week before the century. During that week you may even reduce your riding to one or two days of an easy five to ten-mile spin. Also, try to get plenty of sleep.

Perhaps I will try to cruise Route 8 this weekend...

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