Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of my favorite rides

Two years ago I worked in Frankfurt, Germany for a month. While I was there a colleague named Stefan aided me in purchasing a bike through something like Craig's List (like Auflistung von Marcus or something). We traveled by Strassenbahn or streetcar to pick up this bike, a "Mountain" brand rigged with the old-school lights powered by a sidewall generator!

One night after work a coworker named Mikale took me out for a 15 kilometer bike ride through the country roads outside of Frankfurt. It was really fun to ride through the apple orchards that I imagined produced the Apfelwein that I grew so fond of. We reached a small hilltop town named Kronberg. We walked the cobble stone streets, stepped into a beautiful old church and window-shopped stores with little German trinkets. Lastly we had dinner at the Kronberger Brauhaus, a small brewery and restaurant in Kronberg. I had a kind of breakfast for dinner: fleischekäse (something like a Bologna) with an egg, potatos and of course their beer.

I hope to go back someday soon and I will try to make this a weekly ritual!

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