Sunday, June 15, 2008


So I got somewhat back on track with training and ended up riding 71 miles early on Father's Day. I rode on the Loveland Trail from Milford around mile marker 50 up to mile marker 15 and back. It was interesting to see Morrow, Oregonia and ride past Fort Ancient.

Here are my numbers for this ride:
71.5 mi; 4:11:00; 17.09 ave mph; 3,562 calories burned; heart rate 149; weight 160; no climbing.

My Loudenville ride:
56.9 mi; 4:20:00; 13.13 ave mph; 2,469 calories; heart rate NA; weight 160; aroudn 3000 ft climbing.

A ride from last year, to South Lebanon on 9/3/2007:
52.63 mi; 3:13:00; 16.36 ave mph; 2,895 calories; heart rate 149; weight 175; no climbing.

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