Monday, January 5, 2009

Dreaming of a Cycling Vacation

The DVD player has been my nurse for the past few days as I have been bed-ridden with an illness. I ended up watching a few Tours from the late 90s — at this time of year it is an unfamiliar concept to only wear a jersey and shorts as the warm wind caresses your face. The images on these video fill me with nostalgic memories. The idea of Summer seems distant.

As I was browsing the web I came across a reference for the "L'Étape du Tour". I did not realize this but each year they close the roads and invite cycling enthusiasts to ride a stage of the Tour de France for one day. This year amateurs will conquer Mont Vonteux on July 6th.

One year I hope Bridget and I can make the trip!
L'Étape Du Tour Website

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  1. This looks fun too: