Thursday, March 24, 2011

BioMetrics 2011

I had my blood tested at a Health Fair at work and it's good to know that what's under the hood is looking fairly healthy.

Weight: 149
BMI: 24
BF%: 19.2 (estimated from home scale)


Total Cholesterol: 233 mg/dl
HDL: >100 mg/dl (I guess my "good cholesterol" was too high to be measured by the little machine)
TC/HDL Ratio: NA (Measures risk of heart disease, too low and unable to be measured)
LDL: NA ("bad cholesterol" was too low to be measured)
Triglycerides: <45 also="" and="" bad="" be="" br="" dl="" is="" low="" measured="" mg="" that="" to="" too="" unable="">

Blood Glucose: 78 mg/dl (non-fasting!)


Blood Pressure: 111 systolic / 78 diastolic mmHg
Pulse: 53 bpm

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