Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power and Training

I did my first power test last weekend. I borrowed Bjet's power tap and I hit my ole foe Kuglar Mill. I rode up about 4 times, the first time being a recon, 2 attempts at making myself vomit and a final half-hearted attempt.

It was really cold and windy but I am happy with the results. During the test I just focused on riding and tried not to glance at the numbers. Actually my second hard attempt I kept a really high cadence and my power numbers were better! Looking back I typically ride faster with a higher cadence. Perhaps I got a bit too into gear grinder mode over the winter.

Need to tweak my training a little more. Perhaps hills are better earlier in the week so I save my quads for the weekend.

I should research more intervals too. Right now I just do sprints (typically 15-30 seconds, sets of 5 with 1 minute recovery) or 10 minute intervals where I push a big gear trying to build muscle. Or hills.

Need to get my race starts stronger with some killer 10 minute intervals. I NEED TO FIGHT FOR THE ULTIMATE PRIZE! Some socks...

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