Friday, April 15, 2011

Prima Vera!

Spring is almost fully here, and last weekend it felt like summer. The leg warmers are off and it's time to work on the tan. I also shaved off the last of my winter hibernation fur.

I've had some fun rides with the team this week. Last Sunday was the BioWheels Lobster Bake where the team rode the Sunflower Revolution route and ended up dehydrating and wilting, a melted pile of red flesh on the side of the road. Bjet and I headed out for more miles after the group ride and we did some hills around Downtown.

Tuesday night was the battle of the local blogs. Joe Biker from The Best Bike Blog Ever invited me for a whoopin on the hill up to Devou park in Covington. It's long(ish — by Cincinnati standards) with a gradient that allows you to go pretty fast with a few kick ups at the end to try to make you vomit. It's pretty similar to Kuglar Mill.

Devou Hill Repeat Times (4/12/2011)
6:49 (Penis battle)
6:37 (I was trying to spin up that bastard at 100 rpms)
6:53 (Ugh 1)
6:43 (Joe took over and tried to power hammer up it)
6:47 (Not too shabby, another shared effort on the front)
7:01 (Ugh, I don't care, can we go home now)

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