Saturday, April 23, 2011

Choo Choo

The Little Miami Scenic Path is one of the longest bike paths in the country — just two miles from my front door. Without the path I may have been too scared to ride in traffic and I probably wouldn't be who I am today — I may have stayed overweight. Or I might have gotten used to traffic quicker without the path and I would be a faster racer now... I dunno.

Anyway, the path is nice for those days where you want to turn off the mind. Just chill and observe, or if it isn't too busy it's a great place for intervals, just flat rolling tarmac. Or if the weather is bad and you don't feel like dealing with traffic.

With storms on the horizon I scrapped my first ride idea of riding to Augusta, Kentucky taking a ferry and riding back on the Ohio side. North seemed safer, more out-of-reach from the storms. I was wrong, but I got a couple dry hours in.

I like to fly along on the old, paved rail line; churning my legs like I'm a crazy locomotive just trying to maintain the fastest pace I can. I felt okay today, a little fatigue robbed me of some of my top end. I was averaging over 19.2 in the first half but a little bonk slowed me down for a bit. I was still over 19 mph average when the final hill to my house kicked me in the teeth!

I'm just trying to get some speed endurance for Mohican. That race has me shaking in my boots. In the past I have used a similar workout to build some base fitness and speed endurance:

04/23/2011 Rainy Century TT, started from home
101.00 mi.
18.91 avg mi/hr

03/20/2010 Dropping off Posters to Phil in Xenia
94.16 mi.
17.22 avg mi/hr

09/04/2009 My first century ride
100.20 mi.
18.28 avg mi/hr
129 avg Heart Rate
153 (watts) (avg) 645 (watts) (max)
Notes 30 min interval = 216 watts 1 hour wattage = 189 Did another 30 minute interval on return.

06/15/2008 71 Miles on the Little Miami Scenic Trail
71.50 mi.
17.09 avg mi/hr
160 lbs/ 3,562
149 avg Heart Rate

09/03/2007 Newtown to Lebanon (back when I was just getting into cycling, this ride killed me!)
52.63 mi.
16.36 avg mi/hr
149 avg Heart Rate

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