Thursday, April 14, 2011

Riding like French Kings!

Last year I barely had any mountain biking time in the saddle before Cohutta. This year I've been pretty luck with the snowy TTs, a little bit of time in Austin and our new affinity for some of the Hoosier trails. Especially Versailles, it's just over an hour away! And it's longer and hiller than Cincinnati's East Fork.

It seems like they've been getting less rain, or the trails are hillier therefore they drain better. But Bridget and I have been hitting Versailles in late March and early April. It was so nice to show up and before you knew it a couple of friends were there to join you too!

The first weekend we rode with Chris and Steven, then after a lap or so we found Karwash and his friend Mike. The next weekend we headed out there and the weather was so warm the trails were so crowded! We rode with Jeni, Darrin, super brewer Chris, Stephen, and Bryan. We even saw Matt Fox, and like a sasquatch BioWheels Tony F appeared! Tony put a real whoopin' on me! He so smooth on downhills and technical stuff. I wish I were taking notes!

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