Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Psycho Roadie Manorexia!

Sometimes bicycle racers are worse than supermodels. It makes sense that if I spend a lot on bikes, and going to races, and kill myself training all the time that I might as well watch what I eat and make sure that come race day I am the best I can be. This often equates to a sensible observance of what I consume, making sure that they are quality calories designed to replenish my body and help me recover and perform again.

Bjet bought the book Racing Weight Quick Start Guide. I swear this was written by the devil. It says that I am a fattie and I need to lose 10 lbs. or I will never win the Tour!

This book focuses on getting leaner in the off-season, and it is very unsafe to restrict calories while training, especially for Endurance events like Mohican. This year I am aiming for loftier racing goals which may include getting destroyed in the UCI Elite CX races.

But what I have noticed is that what I have been assuming is okay for me isn't always the best thing to eat. So I am planning to watch what I eat and try to lose any extra weight slowly and naturally. If I don't lose it all I don't care. But if I succeed I could see a near 10% gain in performance. No need to dope!

I have been using Livestrong.com to track my calories and I noticed some foods I have been eating have been a little too full of fat and lacking the protein I need to recover. Below are my calorie tables will really help me make sure that I am getting the proper amount of of major calorie resources to keep me lean and help me recover. I'll post some recipes in the future.

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