Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Denver NAHBS trip!

Every year Independent Fabrications has star riders come out and get people excited at their NAHBS booth. A few years ago we saw Molly Cameron in Austin. Well this year, IndieFab didn't really ask me, but I am assuming if I show up with a sharpie I am bound to draw a crowd with my star power. Kidding. They will call security...

Taking my sweet Taiwan machine built rig out to D-town. Can't wait. Just happy to get some base miles. I hope the weather will be decent for some rides. Supposed to snow one day, and be 48 degrees another.


Looks like a cool MTB trail down in CastleRock.


We could even ride a century by starting in Parker, riding on bike paths around the city, then down to Castlewood Canyon and back up.


Some other interesting posts for rides:

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