Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Handbuilt in the Mile High City


Bjet and I took advantage of NAHBS (North American Handbuilt Bike Show) being in Denver so we flew out and saw our family!

I chose to fly Southwest because bags fly free right? Not bikes, they cost $75 a trip. I didn't see that on their website and I had egg on my face... We only got two rides in so that was a $75 ride! Other than that I really enjoyed flying Southwest, they are a fun airline with good customer device, and they're a bit irreverent and goofy.

In the back of my mind i expected some mild weather. I visited Denver 4 years ago in February and it was sunny and in the 50s. This time it was snowy and the tempuratures in the mornings were in the teens. One reason we rode waaaaaaay less.

One day we tried to ride up to Cherry Creek State Park but we lost our way when the bike path ended, and then we ran out of daylight. There were some open spaces and prairie trails where we could jump off and ride in the snow.

Friday I wanted to ride early then hit NAHBS, but like I said th weather was super cold. So we went downtown and had some lunch and hit the show. It was great to see Tim from Shamrock, and Don n Blane from Walker. Don is incredible and really puts together a killer show. Tim's bikes were awesome, I especially had my eye on a stainless steel CX bike.

Posting a gallery soon.

Saturday we got out for about 3 hours. We rode south and hit this trail called the Hidden Mesa loop. Pretty cool to climb up a rocky Mesa and ride around it's deserty and rocky top, no trees to obscure the view!

Sunday we got snowed in when a mild blizzard hit Denver. We went out for a run, it was crazy because we could barely see but it was fun to get some easy tempo in. Took 26 minutes to run 2 miles, man I am slow right now. Well, slow plus bad weather and running in deep snow at altitude!

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