Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Looking forward to the 2013 season!

Photo by the lovely Liz Schlaudecker

Maybe a more toned-down year — focusing on the bigger picture and lifelong goals. Last year I introduced a lot of diversity (some time-trialing, a Xterra), this year I might go back to more dirt, i.e., mountain biking.

Training Trips and Races I wanna do:
Short Denver NAHBS training camp in February — see friends and fam, drink some good beer and begin a ramp up after recovery from Da Worldz.
Death March and Brown County — I want to race as a co-ed team with Bjet, as a "team-building" exercise. Maybe stay out there a few days and get in some training rides with our Hoosier Buddies!
Murphin Ridge Inn and Shawnee Forest — maybe a training weekend East of the 'Nati?
Ashville/Knobscourcher Race/Long training Weekend — Bjet wants to work on a Pro MTB license. Maybe do this trip and check out the awesome stuff in that area.
Quad-Century? — Never rode TOSRV, should I go for riding to Cbus, then Portsmouth, then Cbus and back in four days? Also, my teammate Gersy and I might ride "Century of the Month," hoping to get in one 100 mile ride every month!
Mohican — Going for the 100 miler for a third time. I want to be Bjet's domestique. Gotta talk her into the 100 miler!
Big Dave's 6 Hour Series — I want to focus on this series, I hope for some podiums (We'll see if some badasses come up and woop me).
MTB trips with Charley and Sherri — my friends have been going to some epic races. Probably not this year, hopefully next year!
Madiera/Hyde Park Crits — I loved these last year, like CX races on asphalt! Lots of corners!
Versailles — I want to set a new PR in the XC race, aim to drop below 2:10:00
Tour of Colorado — Fun rides out there again!
John Bryan 6 Hour — Compete as a co-ed duo with Bjet or go solo and try to defend my title?
CincyCX — This year I am going to focus on the 4-5 local races and have fun. One last shot at the Elite field in the Cincy3 races, gotta stay "fast" or get faster for those. Last couple of years I raced 21 CX races, maybe this year just do my favorite courses including more trips to see my old friends in CapCity.

Other goals:
Even more soul — I usually do a good job of balancing my "joie de vivre" for cycling with training "hard." I typically train like a Merckx-wannabe and ride loads of miles. Last year I would get upset and crabby if I felt like my volume or intensity was being compromised by others/life. Other days I would get 2-4 workouts in, training that way 5-6 days a week. Was I recovering enough? Were my workouts specific enough? This year I just want to take training in stride. Commute for health. Perhaps do 4 specific targeted training rides per week. Have fun, train smarter not harder.
There are other things in life — make sure I reconnect with my non-cycling friends. I've lost track now that we are all married and having kids. Love'm, need to see more of them. I always hate being one-dimensional and all about cycling, even though I love it and it is very rewarding. But this year I want to put a bit more into my art, and work on fixing up my house too!
Get slightly skinnier — just want to nudge below 10% body fat (for overall heart health) and keep weight about 140lbs. Some of this entails being very mindful of my diet. I keep trying to tweek and "perfect" a diet that is healthy, mindful and sustainable. Sometimes that is very hard and stressful and it is hard to discern what is based in science versus based in a diet trend.
Be All-Over Fit — My core and upper body are my weaknesses. I need to keep working on being a strong person to maintain my health. I keep seeing people my own age or older that are very sedentary and pretty weak — I just worry that someday a minor fall could jeopardize my health. I want to remain fighting fit when I am old.

In the 2011-12 season I raced 47 races, and last year I raced 44. I still have passion and want to keep pushing, but my house and my wallet say I should focus on my home! Hopefully this year I will find balance!

I am saying no to running races this year. I would have to start training for the Heart Mini and the Flying Pig now. I want a break after Worlds. I hope to return to running races with next winters Topo Adventure Sports winter trail series.

What are you guys gonna do this year?

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