Monday, May 2, 2011

Miles and Smiles

From 2009 Cycling Yearbook

I was sick all last week. I got an Easter bug and it had me wiped out, plus the constant rain here (it rained almost everyday, no kidding) forced me to take a real recovery week.

So Saturday I decided to go out like an idiot and whoop myself. I rode Route 8W and took all the side hills. It was crazy, there has been so much rain that the roads were closed because landslides were tearing away parts of the road. I rode down Amsterdam and it was like that, KY-20 was closed too. I saw Rod Vesper at a UDF (this message brought to you by...) on the top of Tanner. I forgot to buy a coke (foreshadowing?). I went down to Route 8 and was about to ride home when I saw Tony F and Pat K. I had to turn around! Plus the other direction was a tailwind!

We had a blast talking, sprinting up the rollers. But then I cracked. My climbing muscles were fatigued and I got dropped on every climb. I would have to TT on all the flat to catch back up. And then I bonked on top of the fatigue! Pat and Tony are in great shape, it was so fun to ride with them again. They were nice enough to nurse me back to the bridge. I think they gave each other a high-five and shouted "Kentucky!" when I left. Score one for Dixie.

Sunday I asked for second helpings. After watching the leaders of the Flying Pig marathon, Bjet and I met up with Joe and Rachel for another ride on Route 8W. I nearly turned around for home because I was feeling like garbage. But after a few hours of spinning and great conversation I was feeling 70% better. I was a total wanker on a climb up to Finke's Goetta and attacked. But Joe grabbed my wheel. I tried again and Joe laughed as he spanked me. Sweeeeeeet. Too bad there were no Goetta sandwhiches ready.

On the way home Bjet and I were still looking for more Mohican miles so we were going to hit the bike path. We bumped into Mike S. and he was looking fresh. Just the kickstart I needed! I love Mike (he's a new addition to BioWheels hurray!) and some more great conversation was had. We turned up Kuglar and I think I started crying once we hit the upper steep sections! I was on the ropes again and dropped. We rode Spooky Hollow and Blome too, it was great to have the challenge because I am going to have to get used to climbing with tired legs during the Mohican 100.

The photo above is an actual Holga, I was on the back of a paceline a couple years ago and couldn't resist snapping a pic...

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