Friday, May 18, 2012

Bike to Work Week!

Image Credit: found on the interwebs.

So this week I commuted everyday, every commute. I commute to work often, and when I don't commute it's typically due to weather or I need to rest from heavy training. Typically when I don't ride my bike, I ride the bus.

It's easy to be green, plus to get to save money!

Commuting by Car:
10 commutes x 10 miles / 20 mpg x $3.51 gas price = $175.5
+ $6 per day for parking = $205.50
Commute time about 30 minutes.
About 80 calories burned.
Benefit: Convenience.

Commuting by Bus:
10 commutes x $1.75 bus fare = $17.5
Commute time about 45 minutes.
About 80 calories burned. 
Benefits: I get to catch up on reading, people watch/meeting new people.

Commuting by Bike:
10 commutes x 10 miles (100 miles in a week)... Free.
Commute time about 45 minutes.
About 300 calories burned.
Benefits: Enjoying the weather, getting to explore, meeting new people, increasing life expectancy, burning calories…

I love commuting in with Dan Korman from Park and Vine (left). Here we stopped at the commuter station staffed by Jim from the City Planning, Frank from Queen City Bike and Oakley Cycles.

I know I am lucky though. I live relatively close to work (10 miles), I live along roads that are more bike friendly and I have an office place that is cool with me storing my bike in my office.

I heard a stat that 40% of trips in the US are 2 miles or less — and I heard a car's emission control system does not fully kick in on such a short trip. So even if you cannot commute to work, perhaps you can commute to the local shops or to run errands occasionally. Every little bit helps!

Let me know if you have questions or need advice about commuting. If you live near me, we could even ride into work together.

LeBron recently commuted to a game to avoid traffic congestion; the Bengals' Dhani Jones used to bike commute to games and practices to warm up.


  1. James...I think to be fair commuting by bus and bike should be a wash. Yes you burn 220 more calories...however wouldn't you also require a few more calories? Say one cliff bar at $1.95 each to satisfy a hungry stomach after your commute.

  2. You got me!

    Sometimes instead of a Clif bar I hit up a local bakery for a pastry... One of my weaknesses.

    But less CO2 when you bike commute. Save the polar bears!

  3. I love the first pic!! That's all I think about when I ride my bike!