Friday, May 25, 2012

Race #123: The Race of Truth, part 1

After thinking about it for years I finally did my first Cleve Time Trial. The Shawnee Lookout area is this epic peninsula wedged between Indiana and Ohio — and side from some powerplants and asphalt factories it is very scenic.

So I had not idea what to expect. I know my best speed for an hour is around 22 mph, so I figured this would be similar. As I warmed up I felt pretty good and this course seemed automatically fast. What I didn't know was that the course is a little more downhill on the way up — the course feel a smidge more uphill while riding it.

So I get in the "starting block" and when I get let go I absolutely floor it. Why? What an idiot. My heart rate jacks and I am holding on for the rest of the ride! Not so smart for a TT.

I surprised myself and averaged 22 mph. My first time is set at 25:33. I hope to get out there once a month and use it as a tool to get stronger for cross.

After the Ride my teammate Brian rode around the area, there are some fun hills. On Cliff road there is this incredible view (complete with Jesus statue). I prefer to get more riding in if I am going to be stuck in a car driving to the race — makes it feel worth the gas/pollution.

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