Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Week Completely Self-Propelled

This is lame but as a racing cyclist I definitely have to take 1-2 days off a week to rest and heal up from training. So it is very seldom that every commute is on a bike. But I chose to challenge myself this Bike to Work week, so I went without a car Sunday to Sunday. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

Friday night we met up with our friends Dan and Nicole as we all biked downtown. We had some drinks and appetizers at the 1215 Wine Bar, then dinner at A Tavola. We rode down the the Smale Grand Opening and checked out the new Cincinnati Bike Center. It was so nice and relaxing, more time to chill and talk and no need to worry about parking. Plus, you get to burn off all the calories from dinner.

Working near Over-the-Rhine is such a convenience. I can ride up to Shadeau for bread and Findlay Market for fresh ingredients.

I love to wear my smug cyclist commuter tee that accentuates my man boobs. I bought some new Levi's commuter jeans — and it's a must to color coordinate the ensemble.

Ride, Rad, Ride.
Saturday I commuted downtown, filled my belly up with food at AsianFest. I rode over to the Devou trails and had a blast for about an hour. Then I swung down to MainStraße for MaiFest. Filled my belly with German pork products, MaiBock and a WindBeutel (cream puff) as my fuel for the ride home.

One of the ironic things about mountain biking is that you have to drive, sometimes for over an hour, to appreciate nature. Theoretically the CO2 is going to effect the environment, thus killing the nature. Thanks to Devou trails, Tower Park, Mariemont trails and the future Mt Airy trails we will have options we can bike commute to.

Breaking the Cycle.
So Sunday I did use a car... We drove out to Versailles, Indiana for their epic mountain bike trails.

But all the commuting gave me a monster training week! Not bad.

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