Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fit without a Bike

Today is my two year anniversary of using a fitness routine to lose weight and improve quality of life. Bridget was wonderful and bought me a Nike+ device for my birthday in 2006 and that was one of the best presents someone could have given me.

I was immediately excited to see my numbers and track miles and calories easily. I could even set goals and Nike+ would track my progress. I felt enabled to alter my life and after only a few months of running I was already training for a 15K race. Shortly after that I discovered cycling and as you can see from the chart above my running has pretty much tapered off.

I have run less than 80 miles this year after logging almost 450 in my first year alone. I am intending to get back into running in my third year — there were some pretty tedious rides last winter where the cold, dark, windy and dreery Ohio Valley winters made it really miserable to ride some days. So I plan to run more often and bike when I want to so I won't burn out.

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