Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soul Ride with Lil Sis

From Road Rash Billiter

I didn't get to make it to the race today. Unfortunately my Grandmother is very ill and I spent the day with my family. A bike related highlight did happen later in the day as my sister and I took some vintage Three-Speeds out for a spin. My Father has an old "Robin Hood" bike and my Sister has an AMC.

So we went off for a ride that is typically my recovery route around my neighborhood. It was kind of chilly so I suggested we start climbing some hills to get the blood flowing. I said hey, let's all act like 1930s Tour de France. So we would sprint for hill top finishes and attack each other.

We varied from my typical route when we got into Mariemont. We ended up riding down where there are some public gardens. We rode around the dirt access road and it was somewhere between Cyclocross, Paris-Roubaix and mountain biking. It was just really fun to be going so crazy on those old bikes!

So Bridgie got to go to John Bryan today and she got third. I wish I could have been there hootin' at her.
It was nice to hang out with Lil Sis and be with my family in our difficult time.

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