Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank God for Athletic Supporters

We had the Picnic in the Mud and I really want to thank my friends and family for coming out. I repaid them for their attendance by crashing over the barriers in front of them!

I did not have a good start. I didn't hear my name to get called up for a spot and wound up in the back row of over 40 riders. Had a great time commenting on everyone's butts. The first lap is always so bizaare, the riders are so bunched together we are practically like cattle and swerve or jam into the occasional rider falling off their bike.

After a lap or two I saw Tony ahead of me and I thought I would try to catch up. Maybe he was having a day, but he took off after I saw him. It turns out later he went down and was bunched up in other riders. I started passing a lot of riders in the straights before the sand pits. Unfortunately in the off-camber section after the sand my tire slid out and I fell over! And on top of it my chain fell off... I felt defeated as I watched ten riders pass me.

I felt my day was done. And on the turns my tire kept sliding out, I think it caused another wreck somewhere else. So I pitted and changed wheels, the next wheel having a much higher tire pressure. Then I was just trying to work on technique and have some fun. Unfortunately about this time is when I biffed it going over the barriers. I heard Chrissy yell "oh my god!"!!!! It was so funny. Although the chain rings ended up cutting into my leg and would leave scars for weeks!

It was so great to chill and eat a huge meal after a tough race where I burned a ton of calories. It was such a fun change of pace to have everyone show up and holler at you, and to do something different with my friends.

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