Monday, November 24, 2008

Live the Dream: Cumbant Training 2008

As the cold, wet winds blow into the Ohio Valley I can't help but reminisce about the cumbant training of my youth. Last year I took utmost caution to add the body weight, develop the still, steady pulse and slow-twitch fibers necessary for the sport of cumbant cycling.

As many of you are probably unaware, Cumbant Cycling is a sport of the future that combines long-chain bravura and short-chain machinery. While cruising at a slow speed gently slide your chassis back behind the saddle, inhale and fill your gut with bravery, pull your legs back and you will fly! It is so sweet and liberating! Stay calm, cool, collecting and you will enjoy twenty to thirty feet of pure ecstacy.

You're welcome. Now live the dream!

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