Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's Get Physical

I've been reading the Joe Friel book for Road Cyclists, which helped, but this information seems more tailored for the Cross rider. Good thing I found it a week before my last race:

Monday: The Cross Sabbath
- 1hr Recovery ride or rest with lots of post-ride stretching, especially hamstrings, groin and lower back.
- AM Run 20-30 minutes.
- PM 1.5 hr road ride w/ short hard intervals.
Wednesday: Gettin Rad with a Hard Cross Workout
- Barriers and running transition practice with short technical race intervals.
- Short race endurance practice 15-40 minutes.
- AM Run 20-30 minutes steady medium
- PM 2.5 hrs on road easy
Friday: Rest Day
- 1 hr spin very easy
- Stretch and hydrate
- 1.5 hr cross or road ride with 2 x 5 minute medium intervals and 2-3 race intervals of 2-5 minutes each with 5 minute recoveries, open up them legs!
- Race (including minimum 30 minute warm-up and stretching)

Of course this will vary between the OVCX and the CapCity series.

Warming up before the Race
- PreRide Course, scout difficult sections
- Watch previous race if you can
- Ride Trainer for 20 minutes: start slow and begin amping up,
almost reach maximum intensity, slow it down for two minutes, then lactic intensity for 2 minutes
- Stay warm, maybe pre-stretch

Running Program
Pre Season
10-50-minute runs beginning with walking the downhills and flat portions* and working toward steady threshold intervals with recoveries 3x/week.
20-30-minute runs starting with 3 x 3-minute intervals at race pace 2x/week.
20-30 minute runs with short explosive uphill running bursts of 5 - 30 seconds 1x/week.

Link to the online article

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