Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coach + Power Meter = Faster

Here is a great excerpt from a VeloNews article (I couldn't agree more!):

Having a coach helps: This is another no-brainer, but it was all new to me. The obvious benefit is the guidance of someone smarter than you — and I expected that. But the unexpected part was the motivation that came from the relationship. Even if your mom, dad, wife, kids, friends and dog don’t give a bleep about how you did in the Wednesday night office park crit, your coach will. This may sound corny, but it really meant something to me. We all need fans.

Power meters also really help: I know they’re a serious investment, especially when you’d rather get a new pair of Zipps — or just spend your money on something besides bike shit. But denying their usefulness is like longing for the days when phones had cords. Used properly, power meters can help maximize training time, provide data that a coach can use to design future workouts, and give you a very specific indication of what you’re doing on the bike. Ten years from now, they’ll be as common as water bottle cages.

Both investments have been great for me. If anyone needs a great coach shoot me an email (male athletes only! :0))


  1. Bill is a great coach and I am so happy that you are achieving so much more as a cyclist!

  2. But also, you deserve a lot of credit due to your dedication and determination.

    But seriously, Bill is hot...