Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten Goals for 2009

1. Winter Fun
I am planning to take a little time off the bike to work on some other projects. I need to make some improvements around the home, but I also want to focus on my series of films called Vicious Valentines.

2. Running
I decided to cross train for a few months and chill out in the off-season. Last year I rode a lot in winter, and it isn't that fun so I thought I would mix it up. Or at least, instead of jumping on the trainer just go for a run.

I would love to do the Ronker's Trail Running Series, the Heart Mini marathon and perhaps be part of a 4 person team for the Flying Pig.

3. Grease Monkey
I would like to better understand bicycle mechanics and how to maintain and repair my bikes better.

4. More Group Rides
I really enjoyed the few I had with Joe, Rachel, Rebecca, Tony, Matt, Julie and members of the BioWheels team.

5. Road Racing
I might jump into the Cat 5's in a few races and get a feel for some sloppy road racing.

6. Tour of Scioto River Valley
This ride will happen May 9-10 with 100 miles of rolling hills each day. It is from Columbus to Portsmouth.

For the second year I will probably NOT do this ride. Something always comes up on the same day! Instead I will probably support THE-MTB-CX-GIRL on her quest to do a solo 12-hour mountain bike race.

But, I may train for this to get some early season form. In the future I would love to do this with a friend. It would also be cool to do the Ride Across Iowa with my friend Matt. Maybe 2010!

7. Young's Dairy Bike Tour
This is a charity July 25-26 that is about 83 miles per day. I could make it a four day cyclocation and ride up there and back.

8. CORA Harbin Park Time Trial Series
I really want to gain off-road skills in low pressure environment.

9. Mountain Bike Races
If I feel my skills are sufficient I wouldn't mind doing a few races off-road. Also, I want to support Bridget in her Endurance races and maybe we can turn a few of these weekends into some fun camping trips.

10. OVCX and CapCity Cross Series
September - December, aiming for more top-10 finishes in Men's C/ Category 4 Races. I may race in the B's in the Capcity to make life easier on Bridget and I — don't need to be at races so early and I get to race longer. I missed a lot of races this year and I hope I get to do almost every race next year.

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