Friday, December 26, 2008

Get out the Calculator!

As a typical boy (aside from the excessive body hair and the ability to speak in tongues) raised in the United States I was very into sports like Baseball, Basketball and Football. And since many of the sports in the US are tedious and difficult to watch I became fascinated with statistics.

So it is mildly interesting to look back and see what you have done — as well as to think about what I wish to accomplish in the new year.

Cycling: 1139mi (began cycling in July), 189.27mi/mo avg, 262mi/mo max, longest ride 52.5mi (avg 16.36 mph)
Running: 432mi, 36mi/mo avg, longest run 8.3mi.

Cycling: 3563mi 296mi/mo avg, 478mi/mo max, longest ride 71.5mi. (avg 17.09 mph)
Running: 73.67mi, 6.1mi/mo avg,longest run 6.4mi.

These numbers are somewhat impressive compared to the once overweight fatass that sat on the couch all the time, but extremely unimpressive compared to all my new acquaintances who bury my ass on every ride. This weird line of thought was inspired by my Nike+ log-in screen that displayed my rather unimpressive year as a runner.

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