Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Racing Year in Review

I love looking back at the year, I did so many different types of racing that the year felt longer because nothing got old. Every year I like to do a look at my numbers because I grew up a Baseball fan and that is a sport of stats.

Last Winter I ran like a maniac — I would head out into the snow and cold, hitting the trails in Ault Park and Indian Hill. Basically I went out and had fun and come race day I somehow ran much faster than expected, knocking 7 minutes off my previous record and beating my personal bests for the 5k and 10k while running uphill!

15k Time:1:06:53
Overall Pace:7:12
10k Split: 44:27
5k Split: 22:06

Over the course of the year I fit a hand full of these "one day classics" for the dirt into my calendar. These races can be real tests of one's will and some of the races feature 10,000 feet of climbing. I began training for these in the spring, when wet conditions made riding off-road a rarity. My 8th place at Cohutta was so unexpected and I was so blown away and proud of that result. The same with my 3rd place at John Bryan, never thought I would podium in any mountain bike race.

AVG PLACE: 11th (8, 36, 3, 6, 4th)
TOP 10: 4 races
TOP 10%: 2
TOP 25%: 2
TOP 50%: 1
AVG DISTANCE: 64.8 miles
AVG TIME: 4:02:36
AVG SPEED: 16.03 mph/25.79 kph (I think my Frankenbike race was pretty fast, but typically I go 10-12mph)

Mountain biking is kind of my baseball season, I feel like one of the Boys of Summer — outside doing battle when the temperature are in the 90s. This was my first year racing Expert, which is the highest regional classification. I still feel like a rookie out there and I really battled every race not to be last place. But persistence paid off and I ended up 3rd in the CORA race series.

AVG PLACE: 11th (12, 23, 6, 4th)
TOP 10: 2 races
TOP 50%: 1
AVG DISTANCE: 27.25 miles
AVG TIME: 2:30:12
AVG SPEED: 10.89 mph/17.52 kph

Cyclocross is a beautiful sport that I look forward to every Autumn. Each weekend is a day trip around the Ohio Valley spent hanging with friends. This is also my first year racing Elite in Men's cyclocross. Same as in mountain biking, some races I would struggle not to be last place. Persistence also paid off and I ended up tying for 10th Overall in the OVCX.

RACES: 12 Elite Races (9 in OVCX)
TOP 10: 4 races
TOP 50%: 1 race
AVG SPEED: 16.44 mph/25.46 kph (races where speed was recorded)

RACES: 4 UCI Cyclocross Races (Cat 2/3)
AVG PLACE: 59th (22, 34, 94, 84th)
TOP 50%: 2

I didn't know if I could finish Cohutta and I finished 8th, that was like Christmas morning. The same with my Hear Mini run. Getting 3rd in the 6 Hours of John Bryan and in the Kings CX TT series made me happy that I have a little motor in my legs that can hammer pretty well.

Low Points
I didn't share this with many people but I felt pretty bad after Mohican. My result in Cohutta inflated my ego a bit and I trained really hard for Mohican. I was riding with teammates that ended up top 20, but somehow I fell apart. I felt ashamed that my legs failed me. Another low point was a really bad crash in a paceline on rainy railroad tracks, I was so ashamed of my riding that it tooks months for me to ride with other people. And lastly I felt pretty low during cross season after bad results in Louisville and Bloomington, I got burnt out and nearly ended my season! I feel like these examples could be cured if I focus on the quality of my bike-handling.

In Summation
It's interesting to look back on the results. I think I am going to have to work hard on intensity this year to get stronger at cross country mountain biking and cyclocross. However, perhaps in a few years I will focus on endurance events for a season or two. I could also focus on time trials sometime in the future.

2010 BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
37 Races; 1 Run, 2 Crits, 5 MTB, 5 Endurance, 7 OffRoad TT and 17 CX

2009 Trek Store of Cincinnati
25 Races; 1 Road, 1 Endurance, 2 Runs, 4 MTB and 17 CX

2008 Unattached
8 CX Races

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