Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dreaming of Winter Rides with Homies

From 2009 Cycling Yearbook

Some fun ride ideas for winter and spring training:
1. Meet up with my Columbus homies to reenact the Frankenbike race at Scioto Trail State Park
2. Hop to Rabbit Hash with the Bellantes, would be lovely in Spring
3. Hang out with the Vrotskos on some sweet Hoosier backroads or trails
4. Do a lap of the Northern Liberties with Phil Noble
5. Sloppy gravel base miles in the Shawnee Forest near Portsmouth
6. Explore Northern Kentucky with Team Hungry
7. Can't wait for our Team Donovan Training Camp in Austin/New Orleans

1 comment:

  1. James,

    I am planning a Scioto Trails(Frankenbike) ride just about every weekend. Keep an eye on you're facebook and i'll add you to Ohio Gnar Shredders INC.

    I look forward to some shredding with you buddy!