Friday, December 31, 2010

Refuel on some Cycling Media

The winter is a time to recharge with long relaxing rides or time on the trainer — sometimes I commute less and end up needing something to read on the bus. So here are some interesting things I found to watch, read or listen to:

I was on YouTube getting my retro cycling fix when I saw the video above. I am a huge Claude Lelouch fan and I count his film "Un Homme et Une Femme" as one of my all-time favorite movies. I also knew of Jørgen Loth (of "Stars and Watercarriers" and "Sunday in Hell" fame) from his art film "Die Perfekte Manneske."

A book that has influenced this blog is Tim Krabbé's, "The Rider." It's the stream of conscious journey through a cyclist's mind during the course of a race. I like the numbering system he uses for his races and have adopted here.

Interesting cycling comic, Paul Francis

The Ride is a new magazine from the UK, some back versions can be downloaded as PDFs. Very cool, designy and hip with diverse collections from different cycling disciplines.

The new Joe Parkin book is another peek into the career of a talented cyclist who rarely had good luck. Parkin's "Come and Gone" is his second book that focuses on his off-road career. Parkin is an entertaining writer and I really feel bad that things rarely went his way.

The Bike Snob book is a hoot, it will have you laughing. The Bike Snob is very talented at bringing fresh thinking or another take on cycling topics and the book is beautifully and artistically illustrated.

The Gaurdian Bike Podcast is free on iTunes — and is an interesting view into cycling in the UK. They usually have an interesting range of stories and typically produce 1 podcast per month.

I was a VeloCast fan for the past year. A couple of Scots with a well-research podcast who are also free on iTunes, unfortunately they have ceased podcasting for the moment.

I urge everyone to follow the Giro and the Vuelta on the UK EuroSport if they can. Sean Kelly and Dave Harmon are wonderfully entertaining. I dig Harmon's use of French terms sprinkled in with a Dandy Brit demeanor.

Cool Video on Jens Voigt, that guy is the dog's bullocks:

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