Thursday, December 9, 2010


Obviously I'm not in it for the money. But in my first year as an Elite cyclist the money spot has eluded me. If I finish 6th or 7th it turns out they are only paying 3 to 5 spots deep. At the Gun Club I battled and lost for the last money spot. Usually I'm not even close, I'm just trying to not be DFL and get lapped. At Infirmary Mound my desperate attempt to enter the "elite club" of the paid cyclists failed due to my clumsy eagerness and a flatting tire.

At Lexington's Promotion Cross on November 21st I had a hell of a day. Unfortunately a lot of my friends had bad days. It was a technical course, one where I pre-rode and didn't know how I could possibly turn any of these corners with speed. So Mitch's voice rang in my head and I decided to keep it upright. I showed up at the line and there were only 15, so no pressure! Perhaps I felt more free.

The start was crazy and in the melee my friends Rob, Chris and Chewning had mechanicals or were wrapped up in tape. Another guy felt bad and actually pulled over and laid down! So halfway into the race I was clawing my way up. Chewning was chasing me and this guy I couldn't catch. I finally caught the one rider and attacked him on this uphill power section where on previous laps I saw he wasn't as strong. I pretty much assumed Chewning was going to come and spank me, but I felt I should make it a game. He really drove to crush it and eventually I even caught another rider.

I ended up in 9th! My payout equalled my race fee so I split even! That's better than most of the time!

On a side note I also got 16th at the St. Mary's Child Center race in Fort Harrison, IN. That was 3 races where I placed 16th! I guess I better get 1% faster next year.

Above is one of the best photos ever taken of me. I actually look halfway pro, and I owe a thanks to Dion Easthouse.

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