Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bike 2 Work Week

At a commuter station at Coffee Emporium, meeting Element Cycles and signing up for Queen City Bike's email list (10,000 names gets them a lot of sway in City Hall).

Last week was Bike to Work week. I hit the road hard, commuting just about everyday to work and sometimes with little commutes during the day. I avoided 19 car trips and commuted about 114 miles, on top of another 235 miles of training (totaling about 26 training hours). I have to admit, I am spent. So this week is a rest week.

I led the Blue team in the 2 Mile Challenge for about a day! Some days I had 4-6 bike commutes in a day.

This week I am cutting back on commuting, using the bus to get to work. I am still commuting here and there, but mainly using the bike for workouts so I don't wear down my batteries. This week was the inaugural launch of the LPK Velo Club, a wellness program to get coworkers into cycling. My friend Stephanie and I rode around Lunken Airport from Downtown. And my other friend John and I rode to Ollie's Trolley for lunch. Cycling and eating ribs!

Check out my new "Tin Lizzy!" I bought a Huffy Sportsman 3-speed for $10 at a garage sale. Reminds me of the one my friend Stefan let me borrow in Frankfurt.

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