Friday, May 6, 2011

How do you train for a 100 mile mountain bike race?

I thought I new what I was doing, but I am starting to doubt myself.

Basically I have been slowly building up miles, capping off my training with an epic ride (maybe 7-8 hours, and 120 miles-ish) this weekend and maybe one next weekend. Then taking a couple weeks to recover and focus on shorter, intense rides.

I think I got this notion from training for half-marathons. Should I have been building a bigger base earlier? Or am I stressing for no reason at all?

Don't you like how I asking less than a month before the event?


  1. You're good to go. If one of those long rides can be three laps at Mohican SP to get the whole body used to the mountain bike it'd be even better!

  2. Thanks Ray! Are you doing the hundy too?

    Yeah, that would be lovely. You've given me a good idea for next weekend.

    It could be a ride up there, or if gas prices are crazy perhaps a hill century in the Indian Hill area, or go to Shawnee Forest in Adams County.